Chani, a single girl in her twenties, is beginning to wonder if she’ll ever get married. When Dovid, a young man in his thirties, goes to Shul on Shabbos, he feels like an outcast amongst the sea of talaisim. Imagine the loneliness, despair and dashed hopes that are unfortunately the lot of our single brothers and sisters. If you would be able to replace their hopelessness with happiness would you not jump at the opportunity?

A new phenomenon is sweeping through the cyber world. An initiative has been started to help Jewish singles throughout the world find their bashert. The concept is simple but brilliant. Anybody can help make a difference with an investment of a mere five minutes a day.

The power of Shmiras Halashon, guarding one’s tongue from evil speech, is tremendous. Rabbi Segal from Manchester once wrote, “There is no family that learns two halochos of Shmiras Haloshon daily that has not seen a salvation in their personal matters”. Rebetzin Kanievsky, wife of HaRav Chaim Kanievsky writes, “A woman walked in crying and said that she has a number of older daughters who are still not married. I encouraged her to learn two halochos of Shmiras haloshon daily. Within three days, one daughter got engaged, two months later her second daughter got engaged and boruch Hashem this woman continued to see many yeshuos.

The idea is to channel this powerful force to serve as a zechus for Jewish singles throughout the world. As such, the Shmiras Haloshon via email campaign has been started. The program is quite simple. Each day, two halochos pertaining to Shmiras Halashon are emailed to program participants. It is written in a very reader friendly, question and answer format.

Within the first week of the program we received extremely positive feedback from program participants. One member emailed back “This program is great! The format is so straight forward, not too wordy, so it’s really clear and easy to read everyday. Thank you so much! I sent a link to all my friends.” Another participant loved the format so much; she is already suggesting additional topics to learn using the same format. Yet another participant emailed back that she looks forward each day to receiving these halochos.

We are all aware of the difficult plight of our single friends and fellow Jews. So why not join us on this new venture. It is so simple – we all open up many e-mails daily. This one can make a difference. It is very easy to join. All you need to do is to click on to join today and follow the directions. The group is growing rapidly. Now is your chance to join and really make a difference.