Thank you for doing this daily. I really appreciate the daily opportunity to spend at least a few minutes learning (It’s not much but at least I have some answer to the question “were you ko’veia ittim l’Torah?”) Thank you for helping me make my answer less embarrassing.


Thanks for all the e-mails. You are really giving the public a great zechut!


Thank you for everything. May we dance together at each other’s Simchas soon.


I look forward to these e-mails each day! Thanks so much!! Tizke Limitzvos!


Hi, thanks so much for putting this together! This is such a vital project to be doing.


I think the format is wonderful.


Thank you for this program. It is very easy to absorb the lessons from the way you present the material. May you be gebentsht!




This is exceptional!


Thank you so much for sending out these lessons everyday. Every morning after davening before I leave to school I check my email for your lessons. I find learning hilchos shmiras halashon is a great way to start my mornings. Thank you very much! Tizku L’mitzvos.


Thank you soooo much for your emails. They certainly shed a new light on the topic and help me understand more than before.


I have been reading these Shmiras Halashon lessons for a few weeks by now, and I wanted to thank you for helping to add inspiration to my day and for the wonderful zechus you are doing.


My friend started going out with a boy a little after we started this group. I had her in mind every time I learned the halachos. B”H she just got engaged.

Rochel Bergida

Hi, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful program you have regarding the chofetz chaim emails, I signed up three weeks ago and just got engaged!!! It was amazing just like that I found my bashert. I have recommended this to many friends already, just wanted to show my hacaras hatov looking forward to helping in the near future