Lesson 58

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Lesson #58

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Loshon horah when
teller includes himself

  1. A co-worker told me about a misdeed that he and another
    co-worker committed.  May I believe him since he said it about himself as
  1. You may believe him about himself but not about the other
    fellow.  The fact that he also spoke about himself does not have any
    bearing on the loshon horah he spoke about the other fellow.


Believing loshon
horah when you hear it from someone who doesn’t lie

  1. I have a friend that I know never lies.  If he tells me
    loshon horah, may I believe him?
  1. In the times of the Gemora there where limited situations in
    which you were allowed to believe someone whom you trusted as 2
    witnesses.  However, nowadays, we don’t rely on this leniency, especially
    in light of the fact that it is extremely rare to find someone who meets
    all the criteria necessary to qualify for this status.  Therefore, even if
    you feel that the person who told you the loshon horah is very honest and
    even if he didn’t commit a sin by telling you this loshon horah, i.e. it
    was for a valid purpose, you still may not believe him.  Suspect yes,
    believe no.


This section is
formatted as a conversation between Oded and Menaseh.   Oded is encouraging his
friend Menaseh to be more careful in guarding his tongue from evil speech.  The
thoughts in this section are primarily based on the sefer, Shmiras Haloshon.

Oded:  Anyone who learns Torah every day will merit a
portion in the world to come and it is considered as if he built worlds.

Menaseh:  What’s the reasoning behind that?

Oded:  Hashem created the world with the Torah and
the Torah is what upholds the world.  Therefore, anyone who learns Torah is
upholding the world.

Menaseh:  From what you’re saying I’m beginning to
realize the importance of learning Torah.  I have one request.

Oded:  What is it?

Menaseh:  I feel that I can use additional motivation
to excite me about Torah learning.  Can you provide that?

Oded:  I’ll do my best.  Let’s start with this
realization.  If you were to receive a personal letter from the president, how
would you treat it?

Menaseh:  Well, I guess I would read it with great

Oded:  And what if you didn’t understand part of it?

Menaseh:  Since it’s coming from the president I
would imagine it’s something of importance.  I would do my best to try and
figure out what he wrote.

Oded:  And what if you still didn’t understand?

Menaseh:  I would ask others to assist me in
understanding it.

Oded:  So you obviously would go to all lengths to
try and understand what the president wrote to you.

Menaseh:  Right.

Oded:  The Torah is a letter, so to speak, from the
creator of the world.  Don’t you think that you should at least give it the
same attention that you would give to a letter from the president who is mere
flesh and blood, here today gone tomorrow?

Menaseh:  What you’re saying makes sense.

Oded:  As the posuk in Sefer Devarim states: “For it
is your life and the length of your days”.

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Sefer Shmiras Haloshon Sha’ar Hatorah Chap 1

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