Lesson 55

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Lesson #55

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Believing loshon
horah stated in public

  1. The other day, I heard loshon horah about someone in a
    public address.  It seems unlikely to me that the speaker would lie in
    front of so many people.  Am I permitted to believe him based on that?
  1. Absolutely not!  That is not sufficient proof to the
    accuracy of his allegation.  However, the listeners may suspect that there
    might be something to what he’s saying and investigate the matter
    further.  If they confirm his allegations, they can then go ahead and
    rebuked the individual for his wrongdoing.


Believing loshon
horah stated in front of the subject

  1. I was standing with a group of friends when one of those
    present said some very damaging things about another fellow who was
    standing right there.  The fellow who was spoken about, remained silent. 
    Now I know this fellow very well and he’s not the type of person who
    remains silent when someone hurls false accusations at him.  Can I deduce
    from his silence that the accusations are in fact true?
  1. No you may not.  His silence is not considered adequate
    proof of guilt.  It could very well be that this fellow decided to
    overcome his nature and not respond to denigrations that people might hurl
    at him.  Or, perhaps he decided that it doesn’t pay to react, since anyway,
    the nature of people is to believe the negative things they hear about
  1. Could the fact that the teller had the audacity to say it
    in his presence, serve as a proof to the veracity of his statement?
  1. No.  That is also not considered sufficient evidence by
    the Torah’s standards to remove a Jew from his current status of being an
    upstanding Jew.


This section is
formatted as a conversation between Oded and Menaseh.   Oded is encouraging his
friend Menaseh to be more careful in guarding his tongue from evil speech.  The
thoughts in this section are primarily based on the sefer, Shmiras Haloshon.

Oded:  There is no limit to the holiness of the

Menaseh:  How so?

Oded:  Our sages teach us that each posuk in the
Torah has 600,000 explanations.

Menaseh:  That is a lot!

Oded:  The parshiyos of the Torah are written out of
order.  Do you know why?

Menaseh:  No.

Oded:  Because if they were in their proper order,
anyone who would read it, would be able to resurrect the dead and perform

Menaseh:  How is that?

Oded:  Because the secrets of creation are hidden in
the Torah.  The Torah is the blueprint for the creation of the world.

Menaseh:  You’re certainly giving me a greater
appreciation for what Torah really is.


Excerpt from
yesterday’s lesson

“All of Hashem’s creations are
considered unimportant in his eyes with the exception of one creation; Torah.”

 I think this needs clarification. Are people also considered
unimportant in Hashem’s eyes?  (Reader’s question)

You are correct; it should read
as follows:  “All of the worlds which Hashem created are as if they are
insignificant in His eyes; even so, Torah is considered good.”

I’ll explain it with the following parable.  Imagine you
have a builder of simple homes who constructs a specific home and states that
it’s nice.  That statement might not have much significance.  Now imagine a
master builder who can build the most magnificent structures with ease, as if
it’s nothing.  If he were to state that a structure which he built is nice,
that would have a lot more meaning.  Similarly, Hashem who created all the
worlds as if they were nothing to Him, If He states that something He designed
is good; you can be rest assured that it’s truly good.

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Sefer Shmiras Haloshon Sha’ar Hatorah Chap 1

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