Lesson 02

Dedicated l’illuy nishmas

Rebecca bas Yedida

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Lesson #3

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material as a merit for Jewish singles throughout the world.



When refraining
from loshon horah can lead to financial lose

  1. At work, the course of conversation often leads to loshon
    horah.  Here’s my dilemma.  If I participate, I’ll be transgressing the prohibition
    of loshon horah.  On the other hand, if I don’t participate, I’ll be
    considered quite odd and my boss is likely to fire me.  If I lose my job I
    have no source of income.  Must I remain silent and risk losing my job?
  1. One is obligated to give up everything he owns and not
    violate a prohibition of Hashem.  This is true even regarding a rabbinic
    prohibition.  The mitzvos of Hashem are more important than all the material
    possessions in the world. One who makes such a sacrifice for the sake of
    Hashem’s mitzvos can be rest assured that he/she will reap tremendous
    reward for their sacrifice.


When refraining
from loshon horah can lead to embarrassment

  1. Often, while sitting with friends, the conversation leads
    to loshon horah.  If I remain silent, they’ll think that I’m mentally
    challenged.  Must I remain silent and suffer this humiliation?
  1. Yes.  It is better to be called a Shoteh (mentally
    handicapped) your entire life and not be considered a sinner, even for one
    moment, before Hashem.  Bear in mind that the reward for a mitzvah
    preformed with pain and hardship is one hundred times greater than one


This section is
formatted as a conversation between Oded and Menaseh.   Oded is encouraging his
friend Menaseh to be more careful in guarding his tongue from evil speech.  The
thoughts in this section are primarily based on the sefer, Shmiras Haloshon.

Menaseh:  You mentioned yesterday that if a person
earns money using time that is not his own, he’ll end up losing it.  What did
you mean when you said: “using time that’s not his own”?

Oded:  In other words, if a person, instead of
setting aside time for learning, works all day to earn money; he’ll end up
losing that money.

Menaseh:  Why is that?

Oded:  Hashem runs his world measure for measure. 
Just as he wasted time that was meant to be used for learning, so too, Hashem will
waste his time.

Menaseh:  How?

Oded:  By causing him to lose the money that he
earned during that time, thereby rendering the time he spent earning it,

Menaseh:  I see.

Oded:  The same is true regarding giving tzedoka.  A
person who refrains from giving tzedoka, will ending losing that money some
other way.

Menaseh:  In which way?

Oded:  The Medrash says: “A house that’s not opened
to the poor, will be opened to the doctor”.  In other words, instead of giving
money to the poor and getting a mitzvah and great reward, he will end up giving
his money to doctors and paying medical bills.

Menaseh:  From what you’re saying it seems clear that
it’s wise for a person to use his time and money the way Hashem would want
him/her to.


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Sefer Shmiras Haloshon Sha’ar Hatevunah Chap. 9

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