Segula for Singles was started in November 2006 to enable the public to learn the Halachos of Shmiras Loshon Hora in the Zechus of singles. In less then 7 months after it’s inception it has a membership of over 900 daily readers.

Rabbi Faivel Adelman has undertaken writing the lessons and answering members questions on a daily basis. In addition to working on the Segula for Singles Project, Rabbi Adelman is the judaica principal of Talmud Torah Darchei Noam, an elementary school geared to the American population in Ramat Beit Shemesh and manager of Yedidim, a big brother and sister program for Americans living in Ererz Yisroel.

Rabbi Adelman received Smicha from the Rabbinical Seminary of America (Yeshivas Chofetz Chayim) where he studied for 16 years. He has spent the last few decades involved in education. His past experiences include teaching and heading a Yeshiva high school. Rabbi Adelman lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel along with his wife and children.

Segulah4singles was founded by Rabbi Mordechai Blaustein 15 years ago. Sympathizing with the plight of singles, he felt that he needed to do something to invoke siyata d’shmaya.

So many of us are mispalel to Hashem for singles to find their zivug. The strength of our tefilos is in direct proportion to our Shmiras halashon. A lack of Shmiras halashon de-activates the strength of our tefilah and our tefilos are left suspended in mid air. Thus segulah4singles was founded to increase awareness and spread the halachos of Shmiras halashon to serve as a zechus for singles to find their zivug.

Rabbi Blaustein lives in Brooklyn together with his wife and children. He is the Executive Director of Sinai Academy, a Yeshiva that gives children who come primarily from Public School, the opportunity to live a life of Torah.

A graduate of Rabbinical Seminary it America, Rabbi Blaustein has been involved in Kiruv for almost 25 years. This undertaking is yet another example of Rabbi Blaustein’s concern for the Klal.

When Moshe Adelman first heard about Segula 4 Singles, it struck a resonating cord within him. Being a man of ideas Moshe began thinking of ways to expand the reach of Segula 4 singles. Thus, the idea of designing a website to enable more people to participate in Segula 4 Singles was born. Moshe personally secured funding and oversaw its development. Today, he continues to oversee its management and enhancement.

Moshe is the VP of strategic partnerships at Centers Healthcare. Outside of work, He contributes his time and resources to support various Torah institutions. Moshe resides in Brooklyn NY along with his wife and children.